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Hello, which say... Meanwhile I thank everyone who has had desire to visit my page!!!! I hope that you will find something interesting.

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About Me

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    To me I'm joy, Italian are now close to 40 years. married with two small Pesti!!! My two wonderful children: one of 14 and one of 5.

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    I have two dogs, three cats and three fish, their most pests of my children, but I love them!

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    I love reading, painting, and dedicate myself to any kind of hobby manual, even if causes more, lately I am struggling to them. I adore write that is why I decided to try to publish what butto down.

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    It will certainly be shared by all! But it is known: the world is beautiful because it is varied!!!

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    Anyway, I wish you a good read and a big good luck for your articles!!!