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For 2012, I was going to *try* to write a List every day! I lost my streak on March 23rd when I forgot to do one! How that happens after 3 months of consistency, the world may never know :) I am going to start up fresh in April!

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About Me

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    I love my Baby Girl! She's a Winter Baby just like Me! She just turned 1 and had her first professional photo shoot (see pic)

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    I'm a Tiger's Fan - Go Tiger's Go!

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    Reality TV is my favorite way to pass the time :)

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    I take a lot of photos, mostly of my baby, but of anything and everything of interest. My camera is always with me.

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    I'm into a lot of crafty or creative hobbies - writing, scrapbooking, photos (as mentioned), cross-stitch, etc etc. If only I had the time for all of them :)

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