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Peace and Love.

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    I believe in peace, love, and creativity above all other things. I try to be positive and make a difference in the world, and I am very confident that it is my life mission to spread peace and love and to help those in need.

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    My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge, my favorite song is True Believer by E-Type, and my favorite book is The Bohemian Manifesto by Laren Stover.

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    I am currently a preschool teacher at a Daycare Center, a freelance writer, blogger, actor, musician, model, & artist. I'm a published poet ("The Beauty of the Bohemian Life"), a private lessons instructor on the side, & a big believer in volunteer work.

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    I have two cats. There's Ava, my sweet, spirited Tortie who I adopted from the KSPCA in 2007 & Zaneeta, a shy, grey kitty, who we adopted in July of 2012.

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    I am an auntie to two amazing little boys, Malcolm and Dominic. Aka: Mal Pal and Dom. I love those baby boys!!

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