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"Peace if possible but Justice at any rate" It was my High School Quote.

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    Just an ordinary lady, mature, early Baby Boomer, raised with family structure. Our role models could very well be our siblings and obedience to parents were paramount. Our teachers? passionate and firm. They wanted you to succeed.

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    I am divorced and a mother of a Military man and wish that life had given me more children. I grew up in a large family and I know how it feels to have built-in playmates and to share things.

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    Music does "soothe the savage beast" Beautiful sounds calm me. I always fancied myself a writer and truly thought I could write a romance novel. But parlaying all that I have learned throughout my life is beautiful, this is why I write articles.

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    I retired from years of Administrative Secretarial work. I have a minor degree in Accounting but ultimately graduated from a Business College because I wanted to be a Secretary and jobs in those areas were plentiful then. I needed to work and I really did.

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    I believe in God. There is No One else to believe in. Man can get hurt delivering you a needed favor. God cannot.

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