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There is nothing greater than love.

My Blog/Website: Sensing The Sacred

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About Me

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    Most importantly, I am a growing Christian who loves God intimately and deeply. Anything good about me is ONLY because of a gracious, loving and forgiving God who loves me beyond all human understanding. My prayer is for God's love to spill from me onto everyone I meet.

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    I love being the wife of handsome, intelligent, creative, and Disney addicted Greg Grimsley Sr! We are best buddies! He has brought much joy and laughter into my life, and we have had many wonderful adventures, both here and abroad, in our 19 years of marriage.

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    I am so proud to be Jeff's mother, and love him dearly. Between my son, Greg's son, and our two daughter-in-laws, we have five "above average" beautiful grandchildren who live close and visit often. Grandchildren are God's way of letting us cuddle our own children all over again!

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    Friendships are an important part of my life. My friends live in many parts of the globe, and I am overwhelmed by this! Friends are the blessing of our Creator God who understands the need to have others in our lives to share in both good and bad times.

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    I am by default a writer. Surely I was born with a writer gene! I am never so excited and eager to "keep on keeping on" as when I'm writing. One published book, but my desire is to continue shinning a light on God's love for all humanity through writing.