Worst Charities to Donate

Introduction:Do your homework and check them out on charitynavigator.com The link at the end of this article will bring you to the website for you to check on all these charities. That is a neutral site that will give you all the information about charities you inquire about without bias.

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    Humane Society of the United States

    This is the largest animal organization in the world with hundreds of branches all over the United States and world. The main branch in the United States is in Washington DC simply because of the CORE purpose of the organization. This is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization that also receives grant money from the government for designated animal efforts. Less than one percent of all donated funds actually go toward helping animals in the ways people donate money to the Humane Society of the United States. Lobbying is a heavy expenditure along with heafty salaries and lots of fringe benefits to the top people in this organization. Look online and view the tax records to verify these statements.Less than 50% of all the donors realize the funds they give does not help the animals that are pictured in the expensive ads. Furthermore many of the raids the HSUS performs actually endangers the confiscated animals because the animals are then transferred to over crowded shelters and then killed rather than saved or adopted.

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    United Way

    President Brian Gallagher received a base salary of $1,037,410 in 2008 according to the Better Business Bureau. In addition numerous paid expenses were given to him. If you rely on snopes have a look there to verify info here. 15 years ago the United Way was the focus of scandals and then they cleaned up the mess still leaving the United Way with problems of money disbursement. The fund distribution can be compared to the Salvation Army's Commissioner, Todd Bassett who receives a yearly salary of $64,210 in 2004 and $34,116 housing for managing the 2 BILLION dollar organization. In addition Salvation Army donates 96% of every dollar to the cause. Comparing these two organizations is not a just thing to do since it puts Todd in the same company with the United Way which is not JUST to do. Ralph Dickerson Jr. is now collecting a salary of $420,000 as the president of United Way.

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    American Red Cross

    Former President and CEO Marsha J. Evans took a salary of $651,957 a year ending in 2004.In addition to the lofty salary, expenses were part of the package of her American Red Cross affiliation. Many problems have been stated by numerous people who have had improper dealings with the American Red Cross. Do your own research to discover where donations are spent. Eyes can be opened to some American Red Cross information by reading the wikipedia.org statements and then following up to verify those statements. Because they rely on donations you will not be able to view their financial spread sheet online, however if requested from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)government money supplied to them can be obtained if the Red Cross received any.

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    Caryl M. Stern is the CEO of UNICEF. The salary is $478,645 a year as stated by the Better Business Bureau in 2009. All of the expenses are a part of Caryl's salary.There is possible addition of a ROLLS ROYCE car costing above $200,000, however is not verifiable. Check the website rolls royce online to verify the base price of that vehicle. More disturbing is that far less of every dollar donated goes to the cause than most people know.Check this charity on Charity Navigator using the link below.Furthermore go to the website and dig deeply to view some enlightening information about Unicef that you might not know now. Read about people's experiences to gain a lot of information too.

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    Prevention and Ethical Treatment of Animals is not an organization that LIKES animals. Their statistics from court records prove they actually murder, slaughter and ship out animals that are left in their possession. Newkirk has been with PETA since its conception. Her bio is enough to make an animal lover ill. Check out the 501 (c) 3 online records that will verify both the astronomical number of the killing of animals on their forms and the money issues too. Because PETA has been in so many hot situations, they have more than 3 full time paid lawyers to handle legal matters for the organization.Public court records in Virginia will divulge a little about the truth regarding PETA.

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  • goodselfme 12/30/2015 Flag This Comment

    Trust the work of Charity Navigator to be spot on for the reasons they research for you. Look into the best to donate your money to where it will go toward what you REALLY want it to. HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) does more for the employees than it does animals. Dig deep since the cover up seems to blind side so many people. Donate to you local NO KILL animal shelter if you are in doubt or don't have the time to research much.

  • goodselfme 1/8/2014 Flag This Comment

    Keep looking into the Charity Navigator for help to determine what the reliable and good charities are to give your donations to. During the typhoon the Charity Navigator was busy helping so many people steer clear of scams. All of the work Charity Navigator does is such a benefit to the good charities and the people wanting to help those needing help the most.

  • goodselfme 10/20/2013 Flag This Comment

    In these times of wanting to help with your money by giving to charities, it is paramount to check into Charity Navigator to be guided wisely. Trolls on this site might be employees of the worst charities and they want you to keep donating to causes that don't do JUSTICE TO YOUR MONEY. Thank you for your donations to the REAL GOOD charities since almost all or most of those donations go to THE REASON WHY YOU ARE GIVING IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • goodselfme 8/12/2013 Flag This Comment

    Check out the sites Charity Navigator suggests. They have no reason to cover up any bad charities that you should avoid. They reveal the good and the bad so you choose. They do not accept bribes or payment to say a charity is good when it is not. They are an honest organization. Try them out. Go to the website and see who they recommend and then check it out for yourself some more. They stay current on their information and help thousands make correct choices and avoid HSUS, PETA, American Red Cross, American Cancer Societies around the states, United Way, Unicef and many more who are not honestly taking donations and using them correctly. The money taken in from crooked charities have only become public for some of the most trusted companies for years even decades. Main stream media might not tell you what you need to know because those networks are paid by advertisers, sometimes just the companies on the list above that you should avoid giving any money to.

  • goodselfme 4/24/2013 Flag This Comment

    It is ever more important to do in depth research to know who you can trust when it comes to donating money. Charity Navigator is a well known thermometer to tell you who is good and who is not. they actually don't get paid for searching out the facts they give people.

  • goodselfme 1/26/2013 Flag This Comment

    An interesting fact is that the two people commenting on this list to the contrary of the facts here, are not contributing members on this site. They actually joined to comment on my list. Check out their accounts and view only one point which was spent on my list. This suggests they are employees and paid to scan people who write against these entities. They continue to comment on my other writing sites as well.

  • goodselfme 8/11/2012 Flag This Comment

    These bots follow my articles on other sites as well. One actually debated a person on another writing site where similar facts were stated and backed up by other writers as well. The deception from these comments continues and is alive and well with the previous statements. Continue on to do your personal research to discover Judicial Watch and others backs up these facts in my list. Notice the other areas were not touched. Why? Perhaps the reason is employment to one of the commented areas exists.

  • Bthanne 7/17/2012 Flag This Comment

    Sorry to say (if you actually DO the research), you've been duped. Check out the organization called "Center for Consumer Freedom"- basically the most vile & despicable form of lobbyist garbage on the face of the earth. It's clients are the likes of the tobacco, fast food & meat companies that are spewing hateful lies simply due to the fact that they are FINALLY being exposed for their inhumane & unhealthy practices. I happen to know personally one of the state directors of HSUS (just one of the wrongly accused here) & not only do they get completely hands-on, rushing to the aid of animals (Katrina, etc.) but they live & breathe-gracefully- their altruistic cause. In order to save lives & end cruelty they NEED strength in legislation more than anything, so there's nothing wrong w/lobbying..for JUSTICE & GOOD. Please educate yourselves--the TRUTH WILL SET YOU-& everyone else, including the animals with no voice!- FREE.

  • hobokenjack 7/15/2012 Flag This Comment

    I did my homework on Charity Navigator, as you suggested, and I'm confused. They give the Humane Society 4 out of 4:
    United Way 4 out of 4:
    Red Cross 3 out of 4:
    UNICEF 3 out of 4:
    and PETA 3 out of 4:
    These hardly seem like the "worst" to me.

  • clewand550 2/2/2012 Flag This Comment

    Excellent list. H5.

  • clarbear 9/29/2011 Flag This Comment

    I never knew about your number 1 and 3. I never did like to donate to United Way not because of what you written but for other reasons like not helping the scouts because of what they stand for in one area. Thank for sharing this information.

  • goodselfme 8/12/2011 Flag This Comment

    Yes, Most people don't know how bad PETA and HSUS are. Thank you for your comment.

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