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The Colvin Law Firm PLLC is a Washington, DC based Law firm with license to practice in the District of Columbia. We have experienced and skilled attorney Lawyers .

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    FREE Legal Consultation on Sexual Harassment CALL on (202) 688-1300 for your FREE consultation to determine if you take a legal action against harasser. We are authorized sexual harassment attorney in the District of Columbia.

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    Medical malpractice lawsuits The Colvin Law Firm has experienced and skilled attorney that focus on medical malpractice. We bring the experience and the information of the ins and outs of the medicine, which is helping you pursue a medical malpractice claim.

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    Employment Retaliation Attorney in Washington The law has given the Right of the Equality to all. But many times, some peoples break this law and create a comfortless atmosphere at the workplace. If you are dealing with any such behavior, don't just keep silence, raise your voice.

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    Employment Discrimination at Workplace It is worst critical situation when your legal right under threat, Employment discrimination at workplace is a good example of these situations. Colvin Law Firm understand suffering of workplace discrimination, no matter it is being conducted on any type like; race, colour, sex, origin or other.

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    Personal Injury lawyers The Colvin Law Firm offers free initial consultations to personal injury clients. With years of experience handling personal injury cases in the District of Columbia, personal injury attorney Torrance J. Colvin and his staff can review your situation and determine whether litigation is the right solution.

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