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25,and feeling fi- omg did you wake her again?? Yes, I'm a mom.

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About Me

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    Family is everything to me. My husband and daughter are the roots that keep me stable.

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    I love reading books, collecting books. There's nothing better than a hot cuppa on a rainy day followed with a good read. THAT is the best feeling in the world. Well after the feeling of becoming a mom. Or becoming a wife. Ok its definitely in the top 5.

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    I love watching people. I know that sounds creepy but I mean it in a total non creepy way. I love observing how others interact and how they would behave in a similar situation. I love observing how everyone has thier own creativity to the way they style themselves.

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    I love food. Nuff said

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    Writing has definitely been a hidden passion. Its like something I've always wanted to pursue but never got the time. Being a part or list my five is definitely reigniting the passion.

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