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"Food should always taste good!"

My Blog/Website: Jackson Cooking Exam

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    Writing became an important segment early on in my life ever since grade school and continued on through nursing school and business school... Since then, I have dabbled in small excerpts, poetry and of course writing up new recipes to share with my family and others.

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    Since we have many family cooks from three generations on both sides of my family, as well as that of my husband's, there have been many recipes passed down from family to family.

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    Our family generation lines cover a large portion of Europe, there are many varieties of recipes that have played a huge role inspiring my endeavors in the kitchen. These treasures and epicurean delights are a pleasure to share with others and include in our never-ending family cookbook.

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    The written word is an educational experience that is best when spread around. My goal is to share the wealth of knowledge on many levels, from health and medical issues, benefits of foods and food safety, cooking tips, recipes, arts and crafts and experiences that a homemaker and mother offers.

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    As a wife, mother and homemaker, there are many things that affect my life, family, and household experiences. Sharing these talents and inspirations with others provides others with new learning experiences and enjoyable reading.

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