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If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to us as it is: Infinite. William Blake

My Blog/Website: Daily Spiritual Jour

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About Me

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    I travel. I write. I love my husband. I enjoy living.

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    Self-published the the Daily Spiritual Journey Guidance cards in 2011. The artwork for the deck was created in 2000 while living in Southern Cali.

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    I am currently collecting art and books. What we didn't bring with us to Northern California is back on the east coast collecting dust...just waiting to come out next year.

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    Recently taught myself how to cook, so I'm enjoying that a great deal. BBQ Tofu. Lo Mein. Pasta dishes. Oatmeal cookies. All good stuff and healthy too.

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    I believe in Angels, Archangels, and Father/Mother God. I provide oracle card readings, prayers, etc. at my website Heaven's Mystic.