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Absolutely everything in life happens for a reason. Even if you do not know what that reason is right now.

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    I have two sons, one is grown and out of the house, and five step children. I love all seven of my kids very much, I'm proud to be called mom. It is hectic with so many kids, a set routine is crucial. All-in-all it's fun and challenging, lots of hugs to go around all the time, which is fine by me. Life should be full of hugs, I think.

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    I have worked in personnel and retail management for about 20 years. Now, I have decided to become something I've never been before, an at-home mom. Since I really do love to work, I have chosen to be a freelance writer online. This way I am at home for my family, and still feel productive.

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    I love video games! I started playing video games around 1976 when my aunt brought home Pong. Being an only child wasn't an obstacle for me playing the game. I would sit cross-legged on the floor with a controller on each knee, playing against myself. My love of games has never ended, at 41 I am still playing video games. However, I am more into MMO's than console games now.

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    I love the beach! Sand, waves, para-sailing, sunshine, body-surfing, it's all just fantastic to me. I would love to live on the Gulf Coast of Florida again.

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    I enjoy almost any kind of movie, except chick-flicks. Now, don't get me wrong, I do like romantic comedies. Yes, there truly is a difference. Action, horror, drama, comedy, martial arts (I love martial arts films), depending on my mood, I can watch almost anything.

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