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The hate crimes laws should be extended to protect fat people & smokers, the last 2 groups in America who can safely be lambasted as Public Enemy #1, Tolerance is tolerance. Fat people & smokers should be able to make fun of anyone & everyone with impunity until this occurs.

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    I don't like injustice, period. Exclusions aren't valid, not even for supermodels & uber-thin movie stars who'd look pregnant if they swallowed a jaw-breaker candy. And I expect to be called on the model joke because it's not PC to make fun of skinny people.

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    I love humor, but I'm tired of people censoring Carlos Mencia for making fun of our "things" about ethnicity/race, while they have no problem with ever more crude fat jokes. Everything can be funny as long as it's not malicious.

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    I'm a nurse, a teacher, an English/techie/activist/& wannabe computer geek well on the way.I'm a caregiver - since I was a young kid - & I need a caregiver. I also speed-read most things & drive our librarians nuts because I'll read just about anything, even economist's textbooks.

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    I'm disabled, fat, & tall. I find it funny that I can be wearing a multi-colored tie-dye shirt, electric green clogs, bright red scrub pants, neon hair gear, & be driving a bright red scooter, have someone cut in front of me & then say, "Sorry, I didn't see you."

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    I have a unique view of "handicapped accessibility" & wish I could figure out, among other things, why healthcare facilities are some of the least accessible places on earth & have wheelchairs that are always missing footrests when they take care of sick & disabled people.

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