The WCP is our writers compensation program. The WCP provides you with the opportunity to earn money by publishing high quality and creative Top Five lists on our website. You will earn advertising revenue share based on a variety of factors generated from each list you publish. The more lists you create and publish, the more money you can earn.

The following factors have shown direct correlation with higher ad revenue share when creating your lists...

Topics of your Top Five List:

Be creative, be insightful, be funny, be informative, be current, be just about anything...List My Five topics are practically endless.

Quality of your list content:

Focus on having a well written and detailed list when titling and describing your Top Five List.

Selection of keywords:

Make sure your keywords are relevant to your Top Five list.

Category of your list:

Select the appropriate category for your list topic.

List popularity:

Be sure your Top Five list has relevance, popularity, or a niche subject that people would want to know or debate.

Quantity of lists:

Because ad revenue share is unpredictable, each list you publish online will earn different amounts each month. Some lists might not earn anything, however the more lists you create the more opportunities you will have to earn money.

How to Join the WCP

Step 1 Create a List My Five Account:

First you need to create a FREE List My Five account. Once your account has been successfully created and verified you will have access to your Member Account Homepage. From your homepage you can start creating lists and publishing them online. As a member of List My Five you will see up to date earnings on your account homepage. However, your monthly earnings will be lost each month until you join the WCP.

Step 2 Joining the WCP:

Once you have created your account you can join the WCP at any time for FREE, as long as you meet the requirements listed below. When you're on your account homepage, click the "Join WCP" button and fill out the required information. Once the WCP sign in process is completed, you are now entitled to the revenue share your lists have generated,and will generate, from the date you joined the WCP moving forward. You will also have access to your My WCP section of your account homepage where you can manage your WCP account.

WCP requirements:
  1. Must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Must have a Paypal account.
  3. Must provide information for tax purposes.

*for answers to other questions about List My Five and the WCP, see our FAQ’s