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Face, tolerate and endure.

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    I taught first, fourth and fifth grades a long time ago. I did a stint as a special education teacher and one as a reading recovery teacher. I am semi-retired and continue to work with children who have special needs.

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    I have been a vegetarian for over a decade. It is a lifestyle that is the right fit for me. I respect all animals, therefore, eating them is just not something I can do.

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    I love all things books. My favorite teaching position was as a reading teacher for struggling readers. What fun we all had in our cozy reading room!

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    Our family is on shelter animal number six. We always adopted male mixed-breed dogs, and now we have our first girl pup! We did adopt one girl kitty who proved to be a bit of a terror. It is wonderful to save a life by adopting from a shelter.

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    I think my husband is very happy that I write for fun online. I am a big talker, and the writing gives him a break from me! 43 years listening to the same lady go on and on has to be a bit wearing.

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