Reasons I Stopped Writing at LM5

Yes you read it right! I'm not writing another LM5 list until I fix all 72 of my already published articles. My friends at LM5 probably think I'm crazy. "Maybe" I am! Who knows? What motivated me to write this list is I read the forum about a week ago. I was reading the post on earnings and was shocked. I copied and pasted a few post on the LM5 form so you guys could see what motivated me to write this list.

This is the first post that got my attention: with 11 lists you are making over 3.50? That's amazing! I have 190 lists, and I've got maybe 1.00 more than you for this month. (My thoughts) I know lists and articles topics varies when it comes to page views and earnings.

Personally if I had a 190 lists and a writer came along and wrote they only had 11 lists and I was making only a $1.00 more then that writer. I would think something is wrong! I would go visit their profile and check out what thier articles are about and how well they are written. I checked some of my old articles. I was shocked at what I found. It's a wonder my fellow writers didn't "Boo me" right off LM5.

Here is another post I found interesting: I don't think promoting has helped me at all, I currently have 74,210 views for my 132 articles and have only made $3.99 after some super promoting. Doesn't seem to increase no matter how hard I promote my lists. (My Thoughts)I have 72 lists and 21402 page views and now at $2.05 with that said per - list I am making more money then her and I have nowhere near the list that she has published. After reading her post I realized the hours that I have been promoting could have been spent improving my lists and linking to my published list. She said in her post she didn't think promoting her list was helping her at all. The problem with promoting your list or any other article on Facebook or Twitter just to name a few is most everybody on those sites are promoting there stuff. They share there links then get a few followers or friends. Then maybe check out a few of their friends links in hopes their friends will click on there links.

  • 01

    Problem With Promoting at Social Sites

    The problem with promoting at social sites. Your friends for instance. They really don't have interest in the topic of your articles or list. This is bad because your only getting page views which you don't get paid for your also getting dishonest comments. Do you think your friends are going to tell you your articles sucks? No because they don't want you to come along and write a negative comment on there article. If our Google visitors could comment on our articles. I am a shame to say it but I think a big portion of my articles would get the finger. Not only that but some pretty angry readers with pretty bad comments. Simply because the articles where crap and have no use to the readers. I am guilty of all that and I am sure I'm not the only one guilty. I also noticed if my articles or lists only had one or two comments. Those are the articles that really need attention specially when Google hasn't indexed the article and you have over a 100 page views and you only have one or two comments. Sorry to say it but that doesn't pay the bills.

    Let's get honest with each other specially when a LM5 writer has a lot of obvious mistakes. If a writer makes a mistake or two its exceptionable but if they have a mistake within the first paragraph promptly sent them a message to alert your fellow writer. Why? Everyone makes mistakes! Because if you have a obvious mistake from the get-go most readers assume the writer is either less educated or the reader will assume the article is useless then leave the article. You don't get paid or get ad-sense clicks when your readers only read a paragraph of your article.

  • 02

    Quickie Lists and Articles

    I'm guilty of slapping up a list! Yea I thought I was doing real good! Hell I even had a goal to put up 10 lists a day. Boy did I suffer and so did my list. I know a lot of you easily write 10 list a day or more. Personal I don't know how you do it. Even after slowing it down to 3 to 5 list I felt like I did 50 lists and I was still putting out crappy lists. What really pisses me off? It took 72 lists to realize what crap I was put out.

  • 03

    Number Game

    I was so worried about getting 50 articles published I missed the big picture. After I got 50 lists published I started realizing my income was not increasing but decreasing. Like an idiot I thought I just had to work harder so I put up another 20 articles. What a waste of time!

  • 04

    Checking My Work

    Sure I checked my work. Are you kidding? Yea! I sure did when I could hardly keep my eyes open. Did I put quality links to my list who knows? I really don't remember "some" of them I'm sure?

  • 05

    Fix the Problem

    My goal now is to fix the list that I already have published. Publish no more lists until I have every last one of them fixed. What I mean by fixed. Read my articles make sure my grammar is to the best of my ability. Check for obvious mistakes. Make sure my links are high quality links. Add more content and more keywords all with different phrases. I am going to write for the reader not myself. After all my readers depend on facts and good information. I will only fix one or maybe two lists a day only if I am in the mood to write with plenty of rest. I will not publish my fixed articles or any of my future articles until I have slept on it and checked my article again with a alert mind.

Final Thoughts

I wrote this list to not piss anyone off but in hopes that no writer will suffer as much as I have just to make a few cents. It took me this long to realize that its better to write when your rested up and in the mood to write so that the quality of your writing will be something to be proud of with far better results with dollars coming instead of cents. I only hope that no one else will suffer as much as I have because taking shortcuts never pay in the end. Please if I make mistakes on any of my lists. Please message me! I will never be offended. I will post this message to my profile so that writers feel more comfortable to be honest. I see this kinda honesty as to help me because I am still learning.


  • goodselfme 1/17/2013 Flag This Comment

    I miss seeing you here. Another h5

  • hummingbirdee 2/24/2012 Flag This Comment

    miss you

  • clewand550 1/20/2012 Flag This Comment

    Great list.

  • julienguyen99 10/24/2011 Flag This Comment

    i love how honest you are. great advice thanks for sharing.

  • Tess1960 4/1/2011 Flag This Comment

    Wow! Beog a newbie here, I am so glad I came across this list. I read every single word and will return to read it again every now and then. Thank you for the wonderful guidance. High5!

  • Apalmer001 3/26/2011 Flag This Comment

    I can relate to this article. I feel the same way that I need to go back and fix some articles I wrote late at night when I could barely see the screen. Happens way too often in this house.

  • litetender 3/14/2011 Flag This Comment

    I think everyone's writing benefits from "sleeping on it" and from the occasional revision. But I've read a lot of good lists that you have written, learned much and appreciated the info! Promise you'll be back to write more!

  • dashboardc33 3/13/2011 Flag This Comment

    Excellent list. I also went through and saw quite a few mistakes that I hadn't noticed when I was writing them. Nice list of 5.

  • cuteordeath 3/8/2011 Flag This Comment

    Looks like quality over quantity is a good idea. :)

  • Thorgrym 2/28/2011 Flag This Comment

    Great points. I am glad to see that your 'departure' is not a permanent one.

  • toymaker 2/21/2011 Flag This Comment

    I recently went back and edited my lists, too. I caught a few spelling mistakes I'd made.

  • snowfence 2/17/2011 Flag This Comment

    WOW! That was pretty awesome! Maybe I should go read all my lists that I have made in my first 22 hours here. Thanks!

    I don't even have any links in my lists...

  • BonnieDossKnight 2/16/2011 Flag This Comment

    Tamron - And I applaud you for taking inventory of your published work. One of your best statments was to write for the reader and not yourself. Take that time. Edit your work. You said words that may make other writers do the same.

  • goodselfme 2/16/2011 Flag This Comment

    You are trying to make it here and this is a good list to begin helping your articles and also not get burned out by trying to do too much when you are not able to.

  • PriscillaBenfield 2/16/2011 Flag This Comment

    I applaud you on your honest confession. Many sites suffer because of poor quality writing. Taking the time to edit your lists may help you earn more money but it will also make you look better as a writer.

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